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I need to lose serious weight now.


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Anonymous •

Determine Why You Want to Lose Weight. …
Have Realistic Expectations. …
Focus on Process Goals. …
Pick a Plan That Fits Your Lifestyle. …
Keep a Weight Loss Journal. …
Celebrate Your Successes. …
Find Social Support.
Make a Commitment

Anonymous •

I lost 18kg weight in last 3 months if you wanna know how I did it then tell me

Anonymous •

Then, can you tell me?

Anonymous •

Well you know before weight loss journey you have to understand your body and in order to make perfect plan you have to tell me few details
If you are up then we can connect on insta or we can also do it here but I am not much active here so yeah let me know what you prefer

Anonymous •

I wanted to lose weight and what I did is fixed a time everyday, whether it is half an hour or one hour, but made sure to workout during that time everyday. You’ll struggle maybe for the first two days but then you’ll get used to it. Trust me when I say this but if you push yourself everyday you’ll see the results and damn that feeling is amazing.