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Now&Me is based on the principle of being good and kind. We don’t judge. We celebrate each other’s flaws, because honestly, it’s what makes us human.


A core element of the Now&Me community.
We believe in the power of empathy and being there for each other through the bad times and the good times.

If you have been sitting on your stuff to the point where it's starting to hurt, it's time to let it out

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I just heard about Now&Me in college, I really think this platform was much needed. Thank you for thinking about your community.

— Karishma

I am thankful to myself of how I let go on my one sided relationship peacefully after 4 years going behind a crush. I finally feel free and full of life!! Thank you Now&Me for giving me a voice to speak to people!!

— Anonymous

Free flow of expression and I can share whatever I please.

— Anonymous

I don't think empathy is what I need from this world where people show emapthy to people who don't have an unshakable will and purpose. I talk to some of my friends sometimes so that helps and we have Now&Me obviously :)

— Adity

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We all have a lot of up and down feelings these days that might not fit into 280 characters or work in our Slack groups… that’s why Now&Me