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May 20, 2021

Covid 19 & Mental Health: How to manage self-esteem with pay cuts, job loss and no social life


April 26, 2021

17 verified mental health helplines and services that will help you through these uncertain times


March 22, 2021

Meet The Women Who Are Building A Safe Mental Health Space Online


April 04, 2020

We all have a lot of up and down feelings these days that might not fit into 280 characters or work in our Slack groups… that’s why Now&Me

Tech Crunch

April 09, 2020

Now&Me can be a great way to stay connected if you've been feeling isolated and alone

News 18

Feb 12, 2020

Online platform, which provides people the chance to get community support by sharing their problems anonymously

Times of India

Sept 21, 2019

These two graduates are enabling people to talk about mental health through their online platform.


April 15, 2020

Now&Me is a platform for those people seeking comfort and solace.

Express Computer

Jan 07, 2020

Just scrolling through the posts on Now&Me, it’s apparent that it’s filled with empathy and listening ears.

Tweak India

March 31, 2020

Now&Me is a platform for people to talk about their feelings without the fear of being judged.

Women’s Era

March 23, 2020

The space encourages you to be mindful and live in the moment by posting relatable content like a listicles on songs that help you deal with anxiety.

Tribune India

April 14, 2020 is for those who’ve felt like, “so many people have told me to open up, but nobody really understands what’s going on”

Startup Talky

Nov 25, 2019

Now&Me aims to create a more empathic and less stressed-out society.


Dec 24, 2019

Sensitizing People about Mental Health – Now&Me

Taza Tadka

July 10, 2020

Now&Me: The Only Peer-To-Peer Community Support Network You Need

DU beat

July 20, 2020

Amid Masks And Social Distance, I Found A Website To Help Me Speak Up About My Anxiety

Youth Ki Awaaz

Nov 26, 2020

Drishti Gupta & Bani Singh - Start Somewhere, You'll Never Feel "Fully Ready" (Co-Founders)

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