Community Guidelines

Our Code of Conduct and your pledge to be an upstanding member of the Now&Me community.

Now&Me is a safe space for people to share their feelings. We put no restrictions on what you share, however, we have some community guidelines that must be taken into consideration. Please read the following carefully:

1. Post should not be promotional

Now&Me is a safe space to share your feelings or talk about issues. We do not approve of posts that are promotional in any nature. If your post is particularly promoting a brand or a person, it would be not be approved. If you have a job opening or investment you are looking for, kindly use business websites like LinkedIn.

2. Be kind

Ensure that your content does not hurt the sentiment(s) of a particular religious, political or ethnic group. The content should also not promote violence. Usernames or Profile pictures that are hateful or harmful in nature will not be allowed.

3. Do not share personal information.

Respect others’ privacy and ensure that you do not give out personal details of any person. Using the first name is acceptable, however, do not provide last names, emails, addresses or contact details of anyone. Do not dox anybody or post any personal information that can be used against any party.

4. No plagiarism

“You were born an original. Don't die a copy” -John Mason
Ensure that your work is your own. Do not claim someone else's work to be your own. Plagiarised work will not be accepted.

5. We care about your privacy

We assure you that your data is safe with us and we do not share it with any third party. Your email ID submitted at the time of registration is also not shared anywhere else. You can trust us with your personal information and your feelings :)

6. We do not spam

We assure you that we will not fill your inbox with unnecessary emails!

7. Please, when discussing triggering issues/events, Check Trigger Warning checkbox of posting

A good way to know if you should add a Trigger Warning is to ask yourself, if I was reading this, would it make me feel traumatised or re-think potentially disturbing events that I would rather not revisit? A trigger is also anything that has to do with the act of considering Self-Harm, attempting Self Harm, actually Self Harming or discussing a Past Attempt.