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Prem @prem

I do not understand how come people easily hurt me. Is it because of my soft talking nature? Is it because I never reply to harsh talk with harsh talk?
Or they are just being frank and they treat others too that way?
Is it my average looking face?
Help me God I am so ugly!?

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Hey, you aren’t your face, you are much  more. And how ppl react to you is how they are not how you are. You are enough.


I relate to you so much. Sometimes even I feel that I am too naive maybe which is why people just maybe use me or hurt me. Just because I am sensitive and extremely positive. I used to judge myself a lot about it but then I realised that it’s not our fault that we are soft or sensitive or just too trusting in nature. It’s the people. We just need to understand that just because we are sweet and kind, other people would be too.


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