50 Love Failure Quotes to Help You Move On In Life

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Hansa Pandey

05 July 2022

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We all fail in love at some point in our lives. Sometimes failure crushes us and other times it makes us more emotionally intelligent and resilient. People face heartbreaks because they haven't fully explored themselves. They are unaware of their needs and wants which leads to falling for the wrong person. Before falling in love, it is important to fall in love with ourselves first. People who don't love themselves enough usually end up in toxic relationships which degrades their mental, emotional and physical health. Acknowledging our self sabotaging behaviors and recognizing red flags in early stages of dating, can save us from many crappy relationships and unnecessary emotional drama.

love failure quotes

Failure in love is not the end of the road

Failing in love doesn't mean the end of the world. We fail because there are certain lessons which we need to learn, certain boundaries that we need to set and if we neglect those lessons, with every failure in love those lessons will get bigger and more painful. It's better to not lose hope with every breakup. Instead, try to see it as an opportunity to dig deeper into your soul and see what is that pain trying to tell you? In what area of your life you are lacking self love? Where are you seeking validation in your relationships? Where are we not setting healthy boundaries? When we believe that we deserve the best and make space for the right person, it will automatically appear without any chase or useless drama. If you are going through a love failure and don't know from where to start, then these will help you cheer up your mood:

50 love failure quotes to lift up your spirit

Sometimes you have to get hurt and feel the pain to know what true happiness is.

Keep searching for that special someone who makes you smile at every little thing.

Love abandoned you so that someone special will find you and stay in your heart forever.

Never put your happiness in someone else’s hands.

Look for a partner who makes you fall in heaven, not a hell of loneliness.

Some of us think that sticking to it will make us strong, but sometimes it’s just letting go.

You know, a heart can be broken, but it keeps on beating, just the same.

When love leaves your life you shut yourself in a cocoon thinking the world has come to an end – break free so that you see the fresh sunlight that brings hope and promise for a brighter tomorrow.

Before loving anyone else, love yourself first.

Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option. - Mark Twain

Don’t waste your affection to the wrong one who is not responding, but don’t miss your affection to the right one who respects it.

So start to change your mind, that failure can be kind If we allow ourselves to learn from it.

Love is the ultimate lust. And the ultimate never fails.

Love is not a destination that can fail or succeed.

Love is not a feeling for others, it is a feeling happening in ourselves.

With love, you explore the never before explored you. This could never be a failure.

Love is not something emerging from you. It is you. And you evolve with every failure and success.

In love, the deeper you fall the higher you rise. If you are not growing, blame your decision, not the philosophy of love.

You should be thankful for the wrong relationships. They may break you but teach you, change you, strengthen you and prepare you for the right one.

Pain makes you stronger, fear makes you courageous, love failure makes you wiser.

Love is a journey that never ends. It only ends with your life.

Don’t be afraid to start over. Every beginning is a new opportunity to create what you really want.

Learn the art of letting go of your past and living for what life is offering now.

Sometimes people have to cry out loud from the heart, to make room for smiles.

Inhale the lesson, exhale love failure.

love failure quotes

Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it’s better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together. – Unknown

Unfortunately, you can’t stop people from leaving but you can change your perspective.

Love never fails, people fail on love !

Don’t cry for that person who doesn't value your tears.

Be that strong girl that everyone knew would make me through the worst, be that fearless girl, the one who would dare to do anything, be that independent girl who didn’t need a man; be that girl who never backed down. – Taylor Swift

It’s better to be with no one than to be with the wrong one.

Never abandon yourself to please another.

Love never fails, people fail on love.

Every breakup is an opportunity to do it right the next time.

Don't wait for someone to bring you flowers. Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul.

A woman is to be loved. Not understood…this is the first understanding- Osho

Real love is not an escape from loneliness, real love is overflowing with loneliness. One is so happy in being alone that one would like to share- happiness always wants to share. It is too much, it cannot be contained, like the flower cannot contain its fragrance, it has to be released.- Osho

When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.

As time goes by, we start to see more clearly and are able to see that it wasn’t all bad and that perhaps, just perhaps, the breakup was a gift.

Where there is ruin, there is hope for treasure.

Never let success get to your head, and never let failure get to your heart.

Don’t fear to say goodbye, because you can say new hellos.

No matter how long you have been waiting, the man God has for you will surpass your expectations. You will meet him when God says so. Not a minute early, not a moment later.

It is our wounds that create in us a desire to reach for miracles. The fulfillment of such miracles depends on whether we let our wounds pull us down or lift us up towards our dreams.

Love is supposed to lift you up, not hold you down. It is supposed to push you forward, not hold you back.

Don’t waste your time looking back at what you lost. Move on, life is not meant to be traveled backward.

Keep searching for that special someone who makes you smile at every little thing.

Don’t cry because it is over, smile because it happened.

Rather than crying & craving for those who left our path during dark moments of our life, let’s spend some time to thank those who stood and helped us to pass those dark paths.

You will have to rise up and say, ‘I don’t care how hard this is, I don’t care how disappointed I am, I’m not going to let this get the best of me. I’m moving on with my life.’

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IFailing in love not just breaks our heart, it hurts our self esteem too. It evokes many kinds of negative emotions which, if not addressed properly, can gradually affect our lives. Don't run from the pain, instead try to express it in creative ways like- writing, dancing, singing etc. Pain often comes with wisdom, which one needs to become aware of.
When our love, needs and expectations are not reciprocated by the partner, it is known as love failure. It can crush our heart into a million pieces and can shake our faith in love. But we should not give up on love and keep on searching for that special person who will choose us everytime no matter what happens.

{% faq question="3. What is a famous quote for failure?" answer="Failure is a part of life. Without facing failures in different aspects of our life be it a relationship or job, we cannot know the value of success. It teaches us how to be humble and trust the process. No matter how many times we fail, we should learn the lesson and move on from it. "Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” - Jack Canfield. Success comes when we choose to face our fears instead of running away from them." /%}

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