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Hello! This is just a sudden thought of today that I’ve been struggling for years and since it’s happening even now - Why does the thought of going out of my house(say comfort zone) most times to hangout or whatever, even before covid ever happened, makes me anxious and nauseous. Like I don’t overthink nothing, but then I suddenly start to feel sick. I want to know is it just me or there are people similar to me.

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Yess, absolutely, social anxiety is exactly this and I know so many people who feel this way and no one really talks about it because they feel like it’s such a trivial thing and assume that this is something everyone would be alright with. But yes, you’re definitely not the only one, and you’re not even amidst a handful. Literally a lot of us feel this way, even when we don’t have social anxiety like for me it’s pressure and it has physical manifestations too. But for me, it isn’t to the point that I cannot cope with it, but if it is like that for you, then you should definitely consider therapy. My friend suffered from clinical anxiety and the right therapist can really help you deal with this.

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IT is not just you, it happens to so many people. And sometimes, its normal but always try to be confident and be ready to be in a social group. Sometimes, if you are going to an environment which your mind is not ready for, or if you have a fear in your mind, that brings social anxiety as well. Try avoiding such places and take baby steps in getting rid of this anxiety by going out to quiet place to moderate to loud place where you are surrounded by people.


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