I Hate People: 15 Reasons Why & How to Cope

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Sarvika Aggarwal

10 February 2024

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Have you met those people who are always going about how “I hate people” or “I hate everyone?" It is quite uncommon or a strange thing to see when people say this. However, there might be underlying reasons for it that the person is not aware of.

Hatred is a strong word and if you feel that way towards someone, it is important that you see the root cause of it and check where it is coming from. Let’s see some possible reasons why someone might think, “I hate people."

“I Hate People”: 15 Possible Reasons Why

While there can be a lot of reasons why someone gets the “I hate people’ thought, here are 15 possible reasons you should be aware of:

1. Stress

If you have been feeling quite stressed lately, haven’t had good relationships with anyone, or have been having fights or conflicts in your personal or professional life, it can lead to irritability, anger, and prolonged stress, which can lead to thoughts of “I hate people.”

2. Social anxiety

Having social anxiety can make it difficult for you to interact with people or meet new people, which can lead to emotions like fear, insecurity, nervousness, panic, irritability, or even isolation. These emotions can trigger negative thoughts and make you feel, “Why do I hate everyone?"

3. Introversion

If you are an introvert and do not get much pleasure from meeting people and like to stay in your own shell, it can make you feel irritable when it comes to meeting new people. People might confuse you as a rude or arrogant person but in reality, you might just like your company. These incidents can trigger thoughts like, “Why do I hate people?"

4. Individual differences

Individual differences can give rise to conflicts and misunderstandings when not handled in the best possible manner and with empathy. So when you are not able to find your tribe or do not have people who understand you, it can lead to the thought, “I hate this world.”

5. Rigid beliefs

When you carry rigid beliefs that hinder your healthy relationships and come in the way of your overall lifestyle, it can lead to social isolation, loneliness, and not even trying to become friends with anyone. Keeping an open mindset is quite important when it comes to making friends. If you carry your rigid beliefs, it will only lead to the thought, “I hate everyone.”

6. Burnout

Going through a burnout, whether professionally or personally, can lead to irritability, anxiety, nervousness, and suffocation. It is important to give yourself a break in such times, because if you do not, it will lead to the thought, “Why do I hate everything?”

7. Unrealistic expectations

Keeping unrealistic expectations for yourself or the outside world can lead to feelings of hatred, irritability, anger, or resentment. It is extremely important to be in your zone and keep those expectations that you or society can truly fulfill. Because if you continue to have unrealistic expectations, it can lead to the thought, “I hate people.”

Talk to a professional expert and understand why you get hatred thoughts towards the world for free.

8. Low self-esteem

If you do not think highly of yourself or have confidence issues when meeting people, it can be hard for you to trust yourself to be good with people. Because of low self-esteem, it can be extremely difficult for you to go out there and meet new people. If you do not work on this or try to build confidence within yourself, it can lead to thoughts like, “Why do I hate people?”

9. Learned response

Hating people can also be a learned response, which can hinder your perception and make you see the world in a negative light. If you have been made to learn that people are not good and you should maintain your distance from them, it can lead to thoughts of “I hate people.”

10. Childhood conflicts

If you have had a lot of childhood conflicts in the past because of which you find it difficult to trust people or are too scared to get close to them, this can lead to you hating people. Getting hurt too early in childhood can hinder your perception of the world and make you feel like “I hate people” when you grow up.

11. Mental health issues

If you have any mental health issues, like depression or anxiety, it can lead to you isolating yourself from others and remaining in your own shell. Such mental health issues can kill you from the inside if not treated at the right time and can even lead to thoughts of “why do I hate everyone?”

12. Toxic environment

If you have become accustomed to a toxic environment and have always been around negative people and surroundings, you tend to become protective of yourself as you grow up. So when it comes to forming relationships in your adult life, you avoid becoming too close to anyone or becoming extreme by hating everyone.

13. Avoidant attachment style

If you have grown up in an environment where nobody catered to you or your needs and always had some excuse for not showing up or for not being there for you, then you have an avoidant attachment style. This attachment style can lead to you forming dysfunctional relationships in the future or make you feel that you hate people.

14. Bullying

If you have been a victim of bullying, then it might be a huge possibility that you avoid getting close to anyone and get thoughts of, “I hate everyone.” The trauma of childhood can affect your present and future by hindering your ability to form healthy relationships with anyone.

15. Past experiences

Your past experiences, which gave you a lifetime of lessons and made you into the person you are today, may have hurt you too much or must have made you go through a lot of pain, which might have led to you putting a tough face on and not getting attached to people and constantly hating on them.

Consequences of the “I Hate People” Mentality

There can be heavy consequences to the "I hate people” mentality if not looked at the right time. It can severely damage you from the inside, making you isolate yourself from others to no extent. Other consequences of this mentality are:

  1. Social isolation
  2. Social anxiety
  3. Depression
  4. Anger issues
  5. No will to live
  6. Negative thoughts
  7. Headaches/migraine
  8. Substance abuse disorder
  9. Chronic stress
  10. Loneliness

Although there are more consequences of the hate mentality, these are some of the major ones. It is important to look into this in due time so that you are able to live a full-fledged life without restricting yourself from connecting with people.

How to Cope When You Feel Like “I Hate Everyone”

It is important to look into the feeling of “I hate everyone” while you can, as it can get out of hand and hinder your lifestyle to extremes. So how can you cope when you feel like “I hate everyone?"

1. Practice self-care

It is important that you spend time with yourself and practice daily self–care rituals that invoke a sense of calmness within yourself. When you yourself feel peaceful, you will see the world in a better light. Try practicing activities that help you calm down and relax from deep within.

2. Try deep breathing

Engage in deep breathing exercises that help you take away from the "I hate people” thought and see the world with an objective view. Deep breathing helps your nervous system relax and pushes you to look at people and situations from a different perspective.

3. Be empathetic

Humans are complex creatures and it takes time and patience to know and understand them. So when you are interacting with new people, try not to get blinded by your opinions and judgments and be empathetic to whomever you meet and engage with.

4. Journaling

When you are not able to understand your thoughts, take out a notebook and start scribbling away your thoughts and emotions there, without having to sound perfect. Simply write in there to vent and understand what your mind is exactly trying to tell you.

5. Join support groups

Join community groups that help you deal with this situation in an effective way. You can talk to like-minded people and find a solution for yourself and how to deal with this in the best way possible.

6. Be open-minded

When you are interacting with new people, try to be open-minded, instead of keeping any preconceived notions about them. Doing this will help you get to know them better rather than focusing on the negatives only.

When to Seek Professional Help

It is best to seek professional help when you see yourself hating on people and the world without any reason. Hating the world always has a root cause, and if you realize that it is not helping you and is only making you unhappy, consider seeking therapy. Going to therapy will help you realize where this particular behavior is coming from and what strategies you can apply to help yourself out of it.

Not only this but going to therapy will make you more open-minded and flexible while meeting people and you will be able to take people and life as it comes without putting too much thought or pressure on yourself.

It can be quite difficult to understand why you hate everyone without professional support; talk to an industry expert and get to the bottom of it for free.

How Can Now&Me Help?

If you are getting constant “I hate everyone” thoughts and that is stopping you from leading your best life, Now&Me can be your guide in this. Connect with professional experts and take your first chat for free. Talk to them about whatever is harming you and they will help you with the best possible solutions.

Moreover, if you wish to talk to like-minded people, you can become a part of the Now&Me community and share your personal stories while listening to other people’s experiences as well. This will push you to work on yourself and fuel you with immense motivation.

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However, it is important to note that the information provided is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Individual circumstances vary, and it is advisable to consult with a qualified mental health professional for personalized advice and guidance.


If you think you hate people for no reason, then you haven’t really explored yourself that deeply to have answered this question. Sit with yourself and consider what might be the reason for your hating on people.

Hating everyone doesn’t happen all of a sudden; it is a buildup of feelings and emotions that you haven’t processed or given any consideration to. Talk to yourself to see why there is a sudden outburst of hating happening within you.

There can be various reasons for you hating everyone in your family and to a certain extent, it is subjective too. However, some of the possible reasons can be not getting proper care or attention from them, always getting taunted for something or another, or maybe not understanding or accepting you for who you really are.

This can be subjective, depending on your experiences and how you have been treated by others. If you haven’t had an amazing experience with people, have been hurt in the past way too many times, or do not share any emotional bond with anyone, it can lead to you disliking almost everyone.

You might have had experiences in the past where you weren't treated the way you should have been treated; you might be going through a period of burnout; or you might be overwhelmed with everyone because of which such feelings can come.

There is always a reason why you hate someone. If you think it is nothing, then it is best if you sit with yourself and consider the reasons you might be feeling this way.

This is a subjective thing but if you wish to know about it, ask yourself these questions and see what comes to mind. There can be a lot of reasons for this, like not getting proper treatment, having experienced pain in the past, getting hurt by others, or not being understood by people.

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