Tips On How To Deal With Insecurities and Build Self Esteem

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Namrata Roy

08 January 2024

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There might be days when you must be asking yourself “why am I so insecure” or “how do I deal with these unprompted feelings of insecurity”? Feeling insecure is natural at times and everyone has days when they feel low; however, if it's constant and neverending, it could affect your self-esteem. Insecurities can take a toll on your physical, emotional, mental health, and overall well being. Insecurities often affect your personal and professional life as well.

The good news is that you can overcome the insecurities, build your self-esteem and learn how to not feel doubtful. Let’s read more about causes, signs, and tips on how to deal with insecurities with Now&Me.

What Causes This Feeling Of Insecurity and How Does It Affect Us?

Feeling insecure is completely normal as we tend to overthink about the what-if and the fear of disappointment. Insecurities could be due to your past experiences, social circumstances, cultural differences, or unmet personal or professional goals. Other causes of insecurity could include the absence of social life, lack of family support, and lack of openness.

Insecurities affect you at various levels and can affect your physical well-being, mental health, work-life, and relationships. You tend to lose resilience and become reluctant to take risks or try new things in your life. Your emotional and mental health could go for a toss and you can feel anger, sadness, guilt, shame, or phases of high emotional disturbances.

how to deal with feelings of insecurity

Signs of Insecurity

Insecurities are also associated with lack of confidence, jealousy, fear of argument, fear of missing out (FOMO), and self-doubt. Other signs of insecurity could include:

  • Poor body language
  • Negative thinking
  • Feeling anxious or stressed
  • Overly critical of others and self
  • Poor communication
  • Feeling lonely and dissatisfied
  • Lack of decision-making ability

Insecurities affect you at various levels and can affect your physical well-being, mental health, work-life, and relationships. You tend to lose resilience and become reluctant to take risks or try new things in your life.

Feeling insecure can have different reasons and root causes; talk to an industry expert and get to the bottom of it for free.

Tips on How to Deal with Insecurities in Your Life

Broadly, getting over insecurity is crucial to building your self-esteem and confidence. Let’s read about tips on how we can do that.

Affirm your own value/Prioritise your needs

You need to look closely at thousands of things you are doing right. You could be helping your neighbours, friends, taking care of pets, etc. This will help you build self-esteem and believe in yourself. Also, it would help if you took time out for yourself and got involved in regular exercise, trying new meals, or getting a massage to relax.

Practice positive self talk

Staying away from negativity is crucial to letting go of the insecurities. Talk to yourself and find the source of your strength, inner peace, and motivation.

Accept yourself and embrace the awkward

If you ever have the question, “why am I so insecure” it could probably be due to a lack of confidence. Self-acceptance and self-love are the keys to overcoming insecurity. There could be situations in life when you feel awkward or embarrassed. Don’t worry! We all feel that at some point in time, right?

Challenge negative thoughts

As the famous saying goes, “to err is human,” and error could inflict negative thoughts and low self-esteem or feelings of intimidation. You need to acknowledge your negative thoughts and challenge them. Consider the mistakes as learning experiences and forgive yourself.

how to deal with insecurities - exercise

Spend time with people who love you

Human beings are social animals, and society plays a crucial role in our life. Spending time with your family, friends, and social circle will help improve your mental health and overcome insecurities. If you feel like you have no one to talk to about these feelings, you can download our app and share your thoughts with our community at Now&Me.

Cut out the people who make you feel less than

There could be people in your life who could make you feel intimidated or create negativity. Staying away from such people or circumstances helps you get rid of your insecurities.

Pay attention to your body language

Your body language says a lot about you and how people perceive you. Working on your body language will help you build self-confidence and an effective solution to the question of how to deal with insecurities.

Stop perfectionism

Always remember no one is perfect, and you should not try to practice perfectionism. Doing so will bring a false sense of superiority and associated disappointment. Having realistic expectations is crucial to overcoming insecurities.

Remind yourself that feelings of insecurity are common and natural

Life is a roller-coaster ride and is full of ups and downs. Always tell yourself that feeling insecure is common and natural and happens to everyone. Acknowledging and openly discussing your insecurities will help you feel relaxed and realistic.

Find the positive around you/Do things that bring you joy

If you look closely, there could be a lot of positives around you, and doing so will help you build self-esteem. The best answer to the question ‘how to deal with insecurities’ is to indulge in things that give you joy and shift your focus to other aspects of life rather than focusing on the troubles in your life.

How Can Now&Me help?

Feeling insecure is completely normal as we are humans, and emotions are what drive us. You could be feeling insecure or low due to personal, professional, or social challenges. It is crucial to accept yourself and stay away from negative thoughts. If you ever feel like you have no one to talk to about these feelings of insecurity, our helpful community is always here to listen to you and give advice.

Now&Me provides a safe and supportive platform to connect with experienced mental health and self care professionals who can offer you guidance and support.

Our peer community is welcoming, non-judgmental, and inclusive, creating a warm and supportive environment to share your thoughts and feelings.

You can interact with like-minded peers or seek guidance from experienced experts like therapists and life coaches, instantly. What are you waiting for? Download for FREE!

Feelings of insecurities and low self-esteem can have a deep impact on your overall lifestyle; talk to professional experts to get rid of them for free.


-Exercise regularly for at least 30 minutes. -Eat nutritious foods to keep you active and energetic. -Do social media detox and practice staying away from your mobile. -Treating yourself with lovely meals once a while. -Go shopping and dress up to the occasion. -Avoid negative people and spend time with family and friends

When you think about “why am I so insecure,” the probable cause could be the people around you who make you feel insecure in your social or professional life. It is best to avoid such people to prevent you from feeling intimidated and unsure.

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