Why Am I So Emotional? 10 Reasons and What to do

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Sarvika Aggarwal

19 February 2024

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As humans, we go through a huge spectrum of emotions—whether it be crying, laughing, anger, or contentment—and somehow that is the beauty of being human; we have the power to feel all types of emotions.

However, there are times when we might feel too emotional. We might not know the reason for it and get constant thoughts of “why am I so emotional?" Going through that sometimes is quite normal but if it is something that has been going on for a while, it is important to get to the bottom of it.

So let’s deep dive into why we feel overly emotional at times.

why am I so emotional?

Being Emotional Is Normal

Before diving into your thoughts on “why am I so emotional?" it is important to understand that being emotional is completely normal. We are all emotional beings, and getting any kind of emotion, whether it is jealousy, possessiveness, sadness, upsetness, happiness, or anger, is all okay.

No emotion is negative or positive; all of them are simply emotions, which is very normal to get. However, it is up to you to manage them and give them the power to define you.

Being emotional is normal and healthy. However, if it hindering your overall lifestyle, talk to a professional expert for free.

Why Am I So Emotional Lately? 10 Potential Reasons

If you have been wondering, “Why am I so emotional lately?" here are some potential reasons behind the same.

1. Genetics

Genetics plays an important role in determining the kind of person you are. So if anyone in your family, especially your mother or father, is quite emotional, you may also have a tendency to get emotional quite easily.

Antidote: Although there is nothing to be done here with genetics, you can still learn to manage your emotions better with the help of verified experts.

2. Lack of sleep

If you haven’t been getting proper sleep lately and are only surviving on a few hours of sleep, it can make you feel like, Why am I so emotional? Getting 7-8 hours of sleep is very important if you wish to function properly the whole day.

Antidote: In order to get back to your proper sleep routine, talk to a counselor, understand the reasons behind your lack of sleep and work on them with effective strategies.

Lack of sleep restricts in normal functioning throughout the day

3. Poor diet

If you haven’t been taking a proper balanced diet, then it can imbalance your emotions and make you feel, “Why am I so emotional?.” especially if you have been feeding on a lot of junk food lately, as it can give birth to intense emotions all of a sudden.

Antidote: Strategize your day and plan your meals beforehand so you can work on your diet and mental peace.

4. Dehydration

A proper intake of water is absolutely necessary to keep a check on your physical and mental health. If you take less than 9-10 glasses of water, it can make you dehydrated from the inside and negatively affect your mental health as well.

Antidote: Download relevant apps to help you manage your water intake issue or draw yourself a habit tracker and keep a note of how many glasses of water you drank in a day.

Dehydration from the inside can negatively affect mental health

5. Lack of exercise

If you haven’t been moving your body lately and are always lazing around or procrastinating, it is bound to have “why am I so emotional?” thoughts. It is important to move your body every day, and if not anything, simply going on a 30 minute brisk walk can do wonders.

Antidote: Make yourself a habit tracker or talk to a therapist to build yourself a healthy routine.

6. Hormonal change

When you are in your menstruation cycle or have had some surgery that has brought about some serious changes in your hormones, it can lead to you feeling, Why am I so emotional? In such situations, it is better to rest and not exert yourself during such times.

Antidote: Do not over-exert or do any heavy lifting; it is best to eat proper food, get ample sleep, and drink plenty of water.

serious changes in hormones can fluctuate how you’re feeling

7. Mental health issues

If you are going through some mental health issues like anxiety, moving out of the house, shifting to another city, or transitioning to a new life altogether, it can make you overly emotional. It is best to cut yourself some slack at this time and share your feelings and thoughts with others.

Antidote: It is best to talk to a counselor or share your feelings with your loved ones at such a crucial time.

8. Stress

If you are stressed about something or have been getting overthinking thoughts that are making you stressed, it can lead to thoughts like, “Ugh, why am I so emotional?”. However, getting emotional is absolutely normal when you are in such a situation.

Antidote: It is best to talk to a counselor or take things slow at such a time. If not this, go back to basics and spend time with your family or loved ones.

stress can lead to overthinking thoughts

9. Burnout

If you have been working too many hours in your workplace, doing overtime, and not getting any time for yourself or your loved ones, it is probably a sign of burnout, which means working recklessly even though you have no physical or mental strength to take it anymore.

Antidote: Take a break, go on a vacation, switch off your devices and simply relax in nature. You can even talk to a counselor to help you manage the daily stressors or guide you on how to talk to your manager about this.

10. Toxic environment

If you are accustomed to living in a toxic environment, whether it be at home, work, school, or anywhere else, it can make you emotional from the inside. Not feeling safe or comfortable in your environment can make you overwhelmed, leading you to become overly emotional.

Antidote: It is best to talk to a counselor about this so they can help you navigate the situation in a healthy manner.

Toxic environment can make you emotional from the inside

How to Process Your Emotions in a Healthy Way

It is important to practice self-care when it comes to managing your emotions in a healthy manner. While therapy is an important aspect of regulating emotions, a lot of healing and love are needed on a personal level too. Here are some ways to process your emotions in a healthy manner:

1. Meditation

Incorporate meditation into your everyday routine to get calm from the inside and process your emotions in a mindful manner rather than get hasty with them. Doing it for 5-10 minutes a day also helps a lot.

2. Journaling

If you are not someone who can express yourself through conversations, take out your notebook and start journaling whatever you are feeling or thinking without having it make sense. This will give you clarity as to what is going on in your mind.

Journaling helps in expressing yourself through conversations as it provides clarity

3. Validate yourself

Sometimes all your inner child wants is your validation. Rather than running off to people and asking for their validation and approval, become so confident in yourself that the only person for whom you need approval and validation is yourself. This will make you more happy and content with whatever emotions come your way.

4. Affirmations

Start saying positive affirmations to yourself. This can be done every day in the morning, where you say 5-10 positive affirmations to yourself, which inculcate positivity and motivation inside you. This will help you process your emotions in a better manner.

make a habit of saying positive affirmations to yourself

5. Restucture your thoughts

Sometimes it gets difficult to process your emotions in the right manner because your thoughts seem to say something else. So in order to process them effectively, restructure your thoughts in a way that changes your perception of yourself and your emotions for the better.

6. Breathing exercises

Sometimes your thoughts and emotions tend to overwhelm you. So at that time, instead of trying to understand yourself, calm yourself by doing some deep breathing exercises. This will help you and your nervous system feel at ease and you will be able to look at your emotions in an objective manner.

breathing exercises helps to calm and understand yourself more

7. Be kind to yourself

Processing your emotions in a healthy manner means being kind to yourself. If you put too much pressure on yourself and become harsh towards your emotions or thoughts, it will only backfire on you. So try to be kinder to yourself when you are not able to understand your emotions, as that is completely normal.

8. Seek professional help

If you really wish to learn how one can practice the art of managing emotions, it is best to consult an industry expert on this. A therapist will be able to help you get to the bottom of it and give you recommendations on how to become strong and mindful of your emotions.

seek professional help to navigate your feelings and emotions

When to Seek Professional Help

If you are getting constant thoughts about “why am I so emotional?” or you haven’t been feeling the best lately and you know it is because your emotions are trying to tell you something that is getting hard for you to comprehend, it is best to consult professional help.

It is not important to consult professional help right when you are at the edge; if you feel you should do it before, it is absolutely alright. However, when you are at an edge and you have no solution or resource to help you, seek a counselor who can help you understand the root cause of your emotions and how to manage them accordingly.

Try not to delay this, as it can have severe consequences for your overall health. It is very important to listen to your intuition and give your mind and body the help it is asking for in due time.

when to seek professional help

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So download the Now&Me app and give your emotions a space to feel free right away!

There can be many reasons of feeling overly emotional; talk to a professional expert and understand the reason behind it for free.


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