Why Am I Crying For No Reason? A Therapist’s Guide

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Sarvika Aggarwal

30 December 2023

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There are a lot of reasons for which a person might start crying but might not be aware of them consciously. It can be a sign of burnout, stress, unrealistic expectations, or pressure from the family or society. Often, we take on a lot of things unconsciously and build pressure within ourselves, which tends to release only after we cry.

So if you are not able to determine why you are crying for no reason, here is a therapist's guide for you to go within yourself and examine the reasons for the same to work on yourself and find out the root cause of the particular emotion.

It can be hard to not know why you are crying for no reason. However, there is a root cause to everything and even you can understand the root cause of your crying with professional experts by getting your first chat for free.

10 Reasons Behind Why Am I Crying For No Reason?

While there can be many reasons for crying, there are some major reasons for which the emotion of crying is triggered. Here are 10 reasons by which you can answer why am I crying for no reason:

1. Burnout

Burnout is described when a person is under extreme stress and is completely exhausted mentally and physically. Burnout can occur for a variety of reasons, but it is most commonly caused by work or unrealistic expectations from oneself.

If the person is not aware of this and is in autopilot mode, it tends to show up in their sudden outburst of emotions, such as crying, anger, sadness, headaches, loss of concentration, insomnia, or even chest pains.

2. Hormones

A sudden outburst of crying can be a sign of fluctuating hormones, which might get triggered because of anxiety, life transition, moving out of the house, shifting to a new home, or starting a new life or job. When your hormones take a shift, your internal world takes on the burden, which can be seen in your mental health as well.


3. Grief

Grief can be a difficult road to navigate through and the first emotion that gets triggered when you experience the loss of a loved one is crying. However, some people take time to accept the passing of someone and may carry that emotion for a prolonged period of time, which can result in sudden outbursts of crying. This can also mean that the person has intense pain, emotional numbness, feels isolated, is not coming to terms with the situation, or has suicidal thoughts.

4. Sadness

Feeling sad can have a lot of reasons; some may occur because of a sudden breakup, moving away from home, or life transitions. However, at times, with so much going on, you are not aware of the reasons causing you this much sadness and the only trigger that comes into your vicinity is crying—a sudden burst of uninterrupted crying that makes you question what is happening or why you are crying.


5. Anxiety

There can be various reasons for anxiety getting triggered, which can lead to you crying endlessly. As anxiety makes you feel all over the place and leads to overthinking and questioning things, these overwhelming emotions can lead to a sudden outburst of crying. Other than this, the other symptoms of anxiety are nervousness, irritatibility, sweating, heart palpitations, difficulty sleeping, or feeling tired all day long.

6. Menstruation

During the time of menstruation, the hormones of a female are all over the place and that can lead to a sudden outburst of a lot of emotions. When a lady is PMSing, crying is one of the many emotions they go through. Other than this, they might also experience nervousness, sadness, anger, tension, overthinking, or irritability.


7. Pregnancy

The body goes through a lot of changes when a person is pregnant, including bodily and hormonal changes. These changes can then lead to sudden outbursts of crying, which might have no basis but can indicate that the body is going through a lot of changes. This happens during and after pregnancy, which can also lead to postpartum depression and a series of other emotions such as low mood, detachment from the child, no interest in the baby, or lack of sleep.

8. Depression

Depression is a mental health condition characterized by a low mood, sadness, a lack of interest in any activity, or prolonged crying. A person with depression might start crying suddenly and not know the reason behind it. Other symptoms of depression are anger, irritability, suicidal thoughts, sleep problems, a lack of concentration, and low self-esteem.


9. Cultural factors

The upbringing of a person and their cultural learning also determine how much one is in tune with their emotions and inner selves. If a culture has taught their children not to cry and it is an embarrassment to show your emotions, that person might have a sudden outburst as an adult or might become too reserved. However, if a culture has taught their children to listen to their emotions and let them out, they will express them more often.

10. Personality traits

A person’s personality traits also determine how often they might cry or express themselves through crying. Individuals who are a bit more reserved and deal with their emotions within themselves might not show their emotions that often, while a person who is more out there and is expressive will have a tendency to cry more often than the former.

personality traits

Is Random Crying a Sign of Anxiety?

Random crying is not necessarily a sign of anxiety, but it can be one of the many causes of anxiety. This differs from individual to individual in how exactly they comprehend their emotions and what their coping mechanisms are.

Random crying can be a sign of anxiety but it is best to consult a therapist and understand why am I crying for no reason and what may be the reason for it. This will also help you answer questions like why do I cry so easily, why do I cry so much, or is it normal to cry everyday and you will be able to help yourself more effectively.

It is quite alright to start crying randomly, but it is not okay to make it your new normal. Understand the reasons for your frequent crying with Now&Me experts for free.

How to Stop Crying for No Reason

Crying is such an emotion that one cannot simply avoid it but one can build strength and resilience towards it. So how can one stop crying for no reason? Let’s see.

1. Walk away

When you know you are about to cry and wish to be alone, it is best to walk away from that situation and let yourself sit with those emotions for a while. You do not have to confront someone if you do not feel ready from within.

2. Take deep breaths

When you know you are about to cry, take big, deep breaths so that your nervous system feels at ease. Moreover, you can calm yourself by doing meditation or something you love, which will help you bring yourself back to reality.

take deep breaths

3. Use props or distractions

Taking help from props or distracting yourself with things like a stress ball, scribbling down your thoughts, going for a walk, or doing something that calms you down will help you regain control of yourself.

4. Think about something funny

If you can feel that you are about to cry, try to think of something funny that might help you distract yourself from crying. It might not be easy but focusing your attention on something else will help you feel better about the situation.

5. Talk to someone

If you wish to understand your emotions better or simply vent so that you do not start crying, you can talk to someone close to you or your friends so they are able to help you determine the reason behind why you are crying.

talk to someone

When Should You Seek Help?

When you are not able to understand why am I crying for no reason or what it is that your crying is signaling towards, then it is best to consult a therapist and ask them to help you. It can be difficult to find all the answers on your own, so it is best to get guidance and support from a professional expert.

With Now&Me experts, you can get to the root cause of your crying starting at Rs. 30 and understand yourself in ways you could never before. Moreover, if you wish to discuss or have a friendly chat with like-minded people, you can become a part of the Now&Me community and talk to people who are on the same journey as you.

So, download the Now&Me app and understand why I am crying for no reason with the help of experts and like-minded people instantly.

Getting help for crying is important. You never know what your body might be signaling. Understand the signs of your body with renowned experts for free.


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