The Best Affirmations for Self-Love <3

Swati Gupta

20 December 2023

6 Mins

Loving anything comes from loving yourself first. It could be the love for your job, studies, partner, family, and even loving life! We often find ourselves looking up to the people around us for their validation and support. Now imagine a state of mind where you are your own guide, motivator, and life coach! Yes, it is possible. And it all comes packaged in the form of one simple, short concept.

We often find ourselves looking up to the people around us for their validation and support. Now imagine a state of mind where you are your own guide, motivator, and life coach! Yes, it is possible. And it all comes packaged in the form of one simple, short concept.

Affirmations are the most powerful things you can gift yourself, and self-love affirmations are like Pandora's box of that. No matter what stage or phase of life you are in, an affirmation can pick your dusted bones up and help you soar. So, let’s get into how we can practice a little bit of self-love in our daily lives, shall we?

What are Affirmations?

An affirmation is a positive, empowering statement vested onto oneself. Positive affirmations are short sentences that can help negate defeating our unhelpful, intrusive thoughts that might hit us out of nowhere. Once vested, affirmations should be repeated to yourself frequently, predominantly when a mental block, paired with unjust disbelief in your own self, induces struggles or negative thoughts. Affirmations help build growth mindsets, motivate, and build self-esteem. In the long run, a running affirmation can bestow a positive change in your life.

What are Self-Love Affirmations?

We can all be rather critical of ourselves. Often, we are filled with doubt and disdain when it comes to who we are, what we do, and if it makes us proud or not. Self-love affirmations can help us understand, accept, love, and forgive ourselves. They aid in building optimism, positivity, and self-belief. An affirmation of self-love can be the single most powerful tool to help you achieve anything you set out to do.

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The list of self-love affirmations is endless. Here is a compilation of 10 best affirmations that can help make you believe and hope once again:

  • My body is a gift: The most powerful affirmation of self-love for those who feel their looks aren’t enough.

  • I am resilient: We all try and often fail. Many of us tend to take failures personally and feel like this might be the end of the road. This affirmation is ideal for helping you pick yourself up and bring you back into the ring for the fight.

  • I am human: If you are a perfectionist and expect nothing less than 100% as a standard, this is the perfect affirmation to help you forgive yourself when you come up short.

  • I am enough: Often, we feel like life will crumble and cannot be lived when someone leaves us. This also comes into play when we face threats or notice relationships or situations turn against us. Reminding yourself that you have everything to survive this life makes this affirmation extremely powerful.

  • I have a lot to offer: When life and the people around you sometimes make you feel like you don’t have what it takes, tell yourself this!

  • I choose me: This self-love affirmation is for those who are sucked into doing things for others and are filled with guilt at the thought of putting themselves first, even on the rarest of occasions.

  • I am loved: No matter how desperate life is, you will always have someone who has your back. We may not be physically close to them or in constant touch. But the positivity of those we love reaches us in unique ways. This affirmation is a reminder that someone is rooting for you.

  • I am doing the best I can: Life is a journey, a constant process. We are not defined by our failures, and our success is never permanent. Reminding yourself at each stage that you are doing the best you can helps you know that no matter the outcome, it does not define you.

  • I am open to seeing myself in a new light: The most significant shift happens when you are open to learning and evolving. This affirmation helps you remind yourself to receive feedback, be objective, and work on yourself constantly to improve.

  • I am whole: The tragedy of life is that we depend excessively on others completing our existence, our lives. The irony is that no one is ever permanent. The wisdom lies in the fact that we are enough to take ourselves on this journey. This affirmation is a reminder of this truth.

Do Daily Affirmations for Self-Love Really Work?

You can be anything you want to. The only thing that limits us from being the best version of ourselves is our self-belief. Knowing and loving yourself can open up a world of happiness and possibilities. Affirmations are a sure-shot way to help you believe and value yourself more. From here on, you are set to attract the love that you show yourself.

How to Use Affirmations

The key to making positive affirmations for self-love change your life is to make them a part of it. It’s not just about repeating the affirmations to yourself. Affirmations really start to make a difference when you actively feel and believe them. The best ways to make affirmations a part of your everyday life include:

  • Journaling them every day
  • Repeating them to yourself in front of a mirror
  • Meditating on them
  • Playing them to yourself repeatedly at bedtime
  • Using them as alarms or reminders on the phone

Using Loving Affirmations to Transform Your Life

Affirmations have the power to help improve your mental and emotional wellness. And it’s never just about yourself. Being able to share thoughts and experiences is a cathartic process that helps you and the community that can use some help too. By simply joining Now&Me, you can help share your views in a safe space that promotes expression and the freedom to share your stories.


Q. What are affirmations, and why do I need them?

Affirmations are short, positive, uplifting statements that improve your sense of optimism and belief in yourself, your life, and your circumstances. We all need affirmations to help us reaffirm our faith in our abilities and to help us feel worthy and capable of achievement and love.

Q. What is the best affirmation for self-love?

“I am worthy of being loved.” This is the most powerful self-love affirmation that reminds you that you deserve love from yourself and others around you. It opens your life up to the ability to give and receive love.

Q. How can affirmations help me with self-love?

Affirmations on self-love can help you remind yourself that you are worthy of love, no matter how imperfect you are. It helps you understand and accept yourself and be more forgiving and accepting of the true you.

Q. How long should my affirmations be, and how often should I repeat them?

Affirmations are concise sentences. Try and keep your affirmations to a maximum of ten words. You should repeat them to yourself at least twice a day. Then, you can remind yourself of your affirmations as often as you need them and as much as the situation in your life demands.

Q. What are the affirmations of self-love?

There are scores of affirmations on self-love. Most of them revolve around accepting your personality, physicality, and imperfections. They talk about loving yourself, acceptance, forgiveness, and motivation.

Q. Do self-love affirmations work?

Positive self-love affirmations can change your life forever. They can help save you from destructive thoughts and tendencies, fill you with a sense of belief and optimism, and spark a series of positive changes in your life, provided you believe in them.

Q. What are the Top 10 affirmations for self-love?

You can make any affirmation that helps address your need and situation. This article picks the Top 10 self-love affirmations covering various needs, including acceptance and forgiveness.

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