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harsh yadav @hopeful_camer...

At last there are some places where I can talk to many people any time. I just downloaded this app and am trying to find someone to talk to, but god damn no one is here.

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Hello, if you read all my posts, you will notice that not a lot of people comment. 

harsh yadav @hopeful_camer...

Well that’s true but one person is enough.

harsh yadav @hopeful_camer...

I am just trying to find someone to help me get over this ptsd.

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AD @addy14

There are good people here, my friend. :)


PTSD for?

harsh yadav @hopeful_camer...

1 year long distance relationship and I came to know she was sleeping with someone else I mean literally she was talking to me she was sleeping beside that particular guy I am unable to digest all this till now I mean just tell me you don’t like me or there is someone else in my life so that I can move on but naah I was put in a situation where I think I am being used. Just for money and Intelligence as I was her co-worker also.


That’s terrible, but know that there are other people who went through the same, took time and came out of it.
Talk to someone who can understand some part of the pain you r going through


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