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Why is body image an issue? Being a little skinnier than most other people, or a little chubby, is it really an issue? Skinny people can look really pretty while the chubby are very cute…
Why is it to that everyone has to look like the one perfect being, be it a girl or a boy. Can’t we find happiness in ourselves looking like the way we are? Sure, being too skinny or fat isn’t good, for health issues mostly. But I have seen people going crazy to look like that one person whom everyone loves.
Is it really needed? Why can’t we love ourselves the way we are? I have seen people getting very insecure of how they look and hating their own body image. Why do we need to hate ourselves for who we are? Wanting to improve your current self and hating it…
I think they are different. And while wanting to improve is a really good idea, hating yourself isn’t.


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This world is full of people who’ll try to drag you down, just know you are so much more than your body.
And keep loving yourself dear.