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What’s the point of life if we die in the end?

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What’s the point of eating if we are going to return it back to where it belongs!


Lol. I don’t know. That’s actually a great question…


The point I am trying to make the same as your answer, nobody knows, what the point or meaning of life is!
The great thing is we are free for choosing/creating our own meaning!
but this freedom is both a blessing and a burden.


The purpose is to live your life to the fullest, chase dreams, have fun with friends and family. Be able to become something that you and your loved one’s could be proud of.
There are manly things to be cherished about it just depends as to how you look at it.

Why were we born at the first place if we have to die in the end, right?
Because God gave us this life and he wants us to be happy and leave no regrets here on earth till he wants us back with him.

I hope you find meaning in life and remember all those moments that you love and want back. It will give you a direction to move forward 😃


Thank you. I’ll try.