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Now&Me @nowandme

We’re here to beat the Monday blues with you yet again! Today, we have this beautiful journaling prompt to help you prioritize and manage your day! 🥳🌻Tell us what you want to devote your time to in the comments below ⬇️

“Journaling is an excellent method to check in with yourself and fully validate what you’ve been through and want to accomplish”.

If you’re interested in journaling, you can also check out our Quick Guide for Journal Prompts here, curated by Namrata Roy:

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6 replies

I want to devote my time to more positives in life. I have had enough of my negative mentality

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:D @pratio

Thank you for reminding me importance of journaling. I will start it again🙃


Lately I have been feeling a bit depressed. Not feeling happy around anything, I mean, I smile but inside I am not happy. I am mostly worried about my future , my career etc. I am unable to study and put in efforts for it . Suggest something.

azima @kaaz

I have been feeling same… Restlessness is a constant companion… I hope you get over this phase soon… Maybe reading something you love may help


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