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Trigger warning (Bullying)
I was passively bullied in high school by people who didn’t even realize and would never accept that they bullied others. I wish people realized the concept of passive bullying. It’s so scarring.

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Avni @avni

Yep and these people are ignorant enough to not take responsibility and kind of just shrug everything off by saying, Thats your problem, not mine. Its frustrating but the key is to heal ourselves. They have moved on and so should you.

Deepanshi @deepanshigupta0

Yes! These people don’t even recognize that they are doing something terrible to people which can harm their mental and physical health. People often loose confidence in themselves once they are bullied severely. The person cut off from the social world also and make their own confine space. Even i know a person who suffers due to his ragging. 
That’s so terrible that human don’t understand other human. There’s no humanity left around.


It’s scarring, yes. But people won’t really realise till you make them realise.


I just hope you come out to be a strong person

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Simran Patel @simranpatel

The only way to make them realise it is to speak up immediately. However, holding on to the experience could be very disturbing. I hope you find the strength to move on.


It’s the worst feeling ever.

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