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To anyone who feels their body going into survival mode at anytime throughout the day - I want you to breathe. It sounds stupid and ineffective but trust me on this, take slow, deep breaths for however long you can, it will help you through the anxiety.

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forget survival, i go into a foetal position because i just can not .cannot handle

Gaurvi Narang @gaurvinaran...

Thank you for this positivity! It is just what I needed to read today. We must always put our physical and mental health before everything else.

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Simran Patel @simranpatel

I agree with you, Avni. It is a proven fact that meditation and breathing techniques help one relax and get through anxiety. I urge people to take this advice seriously.

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Never knew that breathing is painful too
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River @river_

someone just ba n me or report me

One @choir33

I am currently having some chest pain

Saadi @beingme

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