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There was a recent incident where I was stalked online by this person I knew. Things had not ended well between us, but I hadn’t given it a lot of thought- until he started invading my private space way too often, creating several new profiles on social media sites to get in touch with me, moving into the neighborhood that I lived in (he told me he did and i kept an eye out, but never saw him in the vicinity of my apartment) despite being told several times that I did not want him to contact me. When it didn’t stop, and got really disconcerting to me, to the extent that I was scared to even leave my house to go out alone, I threatened to complain to the cops if he didn’t stop with this, and all he did was blame me for apparently “giving him mixed signals”, for complicating things and blowing them out of proportion, and called me unlovable. None of these would get to me any other time, I’m not the kind of person to be concerned with others’ opinions of me. But it did this time, because when I tried to talk to the people around me, addressing my concern, they didn’t think it was anything to worry about in the first place. What could he possibly do? Surely he isn’t some kind of criminal because he actually hasn’t harassed in person? 
But what am I to make of this kind of behaviour, when one is repeatedly told to not try to contact but still does it anyway? Am I being worried for no reason at all? I cannot ignore the fact that this man is out there, and even though he hasn’t done anything until now, he very well possibly could, if I’m not careful about watching my back. Would I be overreacting by addressing this concern to a legal authority?

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I really hate it when people try to invade my private space without my permission. Who cares if people don’t believe you or don’t agree with you. I can understand when someone is constantly invading your private space and we start to imagine some worst scenarios that can happen. But you need to stay strong, don’t be afraid or show your week side. Try to stay positive and take legal actions against him.


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