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Now&Me @nowandme

There is a reason why Pride Community is also known as a very kind community. They are always exuding love and joy for everyone around them.

And the best thing about them? They are always open for a conversation and always make you feel like you’re part of the gang.

Well, Now&Me is here to celebrate with all of you folks and make the most of this pride month! 🌈

So, what is it you’d like to say to people who are scared of coming out? How will you make them feel supported and heard?

Let us know in the comments below! ❤🏳‍🌈

- With love
Team Now&Me

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3 replies
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Advice Giver @advicegiver

They are humans too,they should not be treated as outcasts.

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Jay_Kay @pranayjay

I don’t really care about anyone’s sexuality. I just hate the parallel culture and forcing traditionalists to change religious views because they’re not comfortable. It’s not fair to push traditional values on everyone, but again it’s also not fair to force people to “progress” with new ideas they have a problem with.

Ashley @bloopbloop

This! 💯


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