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just_me_express... @not_a_loved_one

There is a friend who always looks down on me. Always make me feel that I’m not worthy of good things. Always makes me feel insecure of own self.

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Nomad @fighter453

Leave them.

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Singh @thatarcher

Cut em loose

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Hope @cureplace

he does that in fun or intentionally? Better ask him/ her to stop doing that and tell your reason for it, or just stop talking to them.

why brining so much negativity in life because of immature people?


You have the answer and you just need to start acting on that.
A friend is the one who would never do such things. We all want friends who stay with us and help us grow, motivate us when we need them.
Friends are the angels in our life who bring out the best of us with all that crazyness, heights of madness, shoulders when in pain and also the ones who act like brothers/sisters at times. Friends never make us feel insecure.

You friend is not really your friend if they do this to you. Either talk it out or cut them lose.
Personally, If I were you, I would cut them lose. No place for such kind of negativity and mental stress.
I also feel that you should start loving yourself cuz if you really love yourself you would not let your friend or anybody make you feel insecure.

Naina Talwar @no_one8

Whoever he/she is,tell them how you feel. If it doesn’t work,simply ask them to leave. Don’t keep such friends once you know that they are harmful for you.


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