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So, it goes like this, I recently gave an exam for which I wasn’t much prepared because anyways I was gonna give it again next year with a full preparation. So I was expecting least from this exam. When the exam results came , I was happy that at least i qualified and this would give me more confidence to prepare better. But just after the results I started talking to a friend who is more kind of a pessimistic person. She told me marks of different people many of who had performed better than me. Since our talk I have been feeling a bit depressed and I hate to admit a little jealous which isn’t a nice feeling at all. I worry that feeling this way may hinder my further preparation and I really don’t want that to happen….Any suggestions or advice regarding this would be of great help:(

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Jealousy is good but in a good way. Think it in this way. The people who got good scores have worked more (could be hard work or smart work) . They deserve it. Well your marks are your marks. Be happy about them. Well you didt even think of qualifying and you were expecting least from this exam. And you are qualified my friend. So I think you have so much potential. Why don’t you start preparing for your next exam and I am sure just as this time you would be killing it. 😊


Thanks a lot😃

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“…anyways I was gonna give it again next year with a full preparation”. There’s a hint of guilt and fear here…guilt for (past) preparing half-heartedly, even if it was for practice…and fear of (future) underperforming yet again next year. These feelings are normal. Accept and learn from them. Focus on present instead of past or present and study well now.


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