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So I have this wierd shyness in me that I can’t even go to a shop to buy something, I m so afraid. I don’t know what is it in me. It’s like even when my parents ask me to buy clothes, irrespective of me wanting to buy some new one, I tell my parents that I don’t want them because I m just too scared to face the people out there. I mean I just prefer to stay at home and shop online where there is no need to face people. Please tell me something what I can do to overcome this wierd shyness in me that I can’t even go and buy things

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One thing you can do is practice a lot talking to other people, I have the same issue and thats really the best way of doing it. You dont need to step right out on the street and start talking to people. One thing that works for me is talking to people online in platforms like Omegle in text or video until i get confortable with that and then try to move on to real people. The most importnatnt here is taking baby steps. The good thing about doing this is that you know that if you feel anxious you can immediatly turn off the conversation. However, BEWARE that you SHOULD DO IT SAFELY (please search online for how to chat safely online with strangers): dont share personal info, ever. If you do this persistently youll learn and get better at speaking to people and youll also find that even if the probability of having a social interaction is very low when you talk to many people there will always be at least one person you can have a regular interaction with. (Thats what will happen in real life). If you dont know how to start you can even say you dont know how you should start a conversation since youre new to that platform.
Also there are so reaaly good articles on the internet about anxiety disorders, but be sure to read only those written by people with a degree or a similar kind of certification.
Ultimately, if you still want you can find professional help from a psychology or a therapist. Ive done and I regret having postphoned it since it changed about 70% of my life for better. Dont be afraid of going to one, they know exactly how you feel around people and will use techniques that dont make you feel uncomfortable around them, thayll actually do the opposite!


that’s completely understandable you know? I mean, I hate the constant thought of having to interact, I try to minimise personal interaction as much as is possible. I have never gone shopping alone. Maybe because I’ve always needed a second opinion. So just the fact that you have gone shopping alone makes you a better judge at these things. It’s awkward to interact and confusing to know what to say… like I’d just rather not…i dunno how to explain…i wish i could help, but i think the key to anything is to start small. So starting with small talk with someone we’re comfortable with and then move on to a stranger


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