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So I always look around me and I feel like all I see is perfection. Everyone around me is living perfect lives. I see people talking about mental health and how they get what I’m going through. But I just can’t see anyone living like that. I can’t imagine anyone feeling the way I feel. I don’t intend to make it sound offensive in any way.
I feel like crap. Lonely, my thoughts are driving me insane. I feel like I don’t have any skill or talent when everyone else is making use of this time so well. Finding new skills. Doing something productive. I’m preparing for law and the exams keep getting postponed and I’ve somehow managed to convince myself that I can’t do anything in life , including law so now all I do is stay in bed all day stare at the ceiling, overthink and cry. I don’t feel like doing anything. Even moving out of bed seems like so much of an effort sometimes. I feel drained.
I wonder why no one notices. I crave for someone to notice and ask me how I feel. And I feel like shit again cuz that makes me feel like I’m asking for attention but reaching out to someone is so difficult and I wish someone would just come forward.
Guess I just want to talk.

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Even if its Hard to believe, you trully arent the only one feeling this way. I myself often go through the same, and what you have written about how you feel reflects my own feelings in those times. In my case i had gone so far down the rabbit hole i cut off all of my friends, turned hostile towards my family, startled lying compulsivley, and at one point resorted to alchohol and pills.
What i did was pushing myself to actually open up to one of my friends about how i felt, poured out everything, and it felt so much better afterwards, i swear. I got in touch with the rest of my buddies too, i began trying to practice my hobbies and etc., and it honestly gets your mind off of things. Doing something with your hands, not your mind, even if its something as simple as drawing, relieves the mind greatly of over thinking.
My advice is Just start taking about How you feel, with whoever you are comfortable, and try to keep yourself busy now and then with stuff that you enjoy doing.
Hope you feel better, and if there is anything else dont hesitate to write here again ^^ <3


I’m overthinking almost always. But now that I’m used to it I can handle it myself. But sometimes when it gets too much and I want to speak to someone, I can’t reach out. I feel like I’m annoying the person. I just shut down.
As for hobbies, I try something , but if I’m no good at it then I get pissed at myself cuz I feel like I’m useless. Basically it’s super screwed up I guess.

Aishwariya @aishwariya

Same happens with me…its like each day i am trying to love myself and finding reasons to consider myself worthy but at last i again end up feeling like a failure. Its not easy to talk to friends or family about this because even if we try they are not going to take it that seriously and plus don’t want to disturb them with my problems. The only thing i would tell you is never give up, i know its the hardest to fight with yourself but do it…may be one day when we wake up we would be proud of ourselves for not giving up.


Now I’m telling you the same thing. You’re beautiful and amazing. And you being you is enough reason to love yourself❤ Just hang in there. It’ll get better for all of us. Take it day by day.

Aishwariya @aishwariya

Isn’t it crazy how everyone coming to this site is so broken but still trying to cheer others up…anyways hope all of us get the happiness we are looking for


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