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Recently facing a lot of stress in life.
I said fuck off to a school senior who is 6 years elder to me.
After realising my mistake I even send a sorry bouquet to her and guess what I’ve got in return?
Door step life threads with a bunch of boys.
This was really upsetting for me as it happened yesterday.
I would just say there are many variety of people in this world,at times it is not all your mistake and fault but nothing will happen if you say sorry and get small in front of the person you are dealing with.
People are crazy they don’t know what they are doing and this is incident is not from a shabby place in Delhi but from Greater Kailash and got it from so called educated people.

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Hey! It’s alright to make mistakes and even better when you realise them and apologize. It doesn’t make you small. It’s not your fault that the other person reacted in a hostile manner. All you can be is accountable for your actions, not others. Your job was to apologize and you did that. There’s nothing more that you can do. Take care!


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