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Only For you
Sometimes you have good days in your life and sometimes the days were so tough that Everything is so hard…you even don’t know what should you do ?
How you have to react…you even don’t know how you feel…i can understand the phases you have been through are so tough for you…and I’m glad you are here reading this I’m glad you didn’t lose your toughest battle even though you thought you might lose it…listen mate maybe my words won’t help you in anyway but i wanna tell you I’m here for you to hear you…i just want to tell you i or the people here might won’t help you to fight the battle you are facing it right now but we promise you dont have to face it alone…so please my dear mate , dont give up on this life just Because of some situation that are Only for temporary time…your presence matter to everyone alot…take care of yourself …good night mate… please take care of yourself…✨✨✨✨and know that we are here for you
- Queen 👑

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4 replies

you’re so sweet😍😘

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Aww you are adorable 💜

Shalin Gupta @shalin99

Your words always helps that’s why you’re the queenn(mate😂).🥰🥰

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