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ok so lets do this…from kolkata 25 yrs old man (but boy at heart) who feels that depression is part of him coz if i am not depressed i feel something is wrong…yep boring guy right here…looking for more boring people hit me me up coz really bored


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Hii buddy.

hey whats up?


I am okish… how about you??

worried about not having friends how about you why just okish


My mom is covid possitive, is isolated at home. My dad is always shouting about things… N on me.
I am on my periods. So all house eork plus period cramps… miserable situation. And obviously dad is sitting on sofa chilling

well i cant advise anything about periods so i cant say anything about that and i am sorry to hear about your mother but she will be alright just be patient. Father shouts at you and you take care of the house? dont mind but how old are you?


I am 24.

any job?


I am a freelancer. Lost my job during pandamic 2020

oh thats bad…freelancer in what?


In designing

you from kolkata too?


No. I am from Madhya Pradesh

ok if you want to connect in instagram do let me know…



ok matlab kya yes or no?



mail your insta id at ajnaabinsaan@gmail.com

kya huva?


Hey I am just trying this site and your advice about people who needs attention talk a lot, on someone’s comment… caught my eye. I am a bong. 4 years elder -29 and 4 years immature than you for sure! Hope everything is going good?

yep sure if everything was ok then i would definitely be here right?..anyways how are you?