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No matter how I explain myself in the eyes of a family that have high expectations, the first thing they will notice is my mistake and the achievements you work hard for how many years is just nothing when you are not the center of the attention.

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I don’t know what to say. I found this website while searching “share your feelings” and logged in to it. First I thought I would share my feelings but I got stuck by reading yours which is just a replica of what happened with me today. I am sad and I am not a kind of person who remains sad coz of his results or no job or less salary rather i become sad when my parents get sad and unhappy for what I am doing. They expect me to earn as high as my friends, they expect me to marry a girl of their choice. And if those expectations are not met then they come with their very own dialogue of “Take me, I have seen enough sadness in my entire life now i don’t want to live”. But did anyone ask how a son would hear that ? Did anyone ask how a son would feel after listening to that. No :) and the sad part is nobody knows how I am feeling right now, I am crying while typing this because it bloody hurts when your parents say this wierd things to you, when they curse themselves for bringing you up into this world.

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I know how you felt and I’m thankful that there is someone that can understand what I feel.


you know why again i came here today, coz of the same thing but from someone else. For a man, the most hurtful thing that he faces when he leaves his job and people say him “You are sitting at home, not earning, at least do something”. And its hurtful when you hear it from someone who has seen your every journey, every ups and downs, knew what has happened to you. She is none other than my girlfriend from whom I never expected this to hear, although I kknow she said this to hurt me so that I concentrate more on studeis but every fucking thing has a way to say, if she would say the same what society and parents are saying then what’s the difference between being a girlfriend and being just a friend :).


You are better than that. You are better than perfect, you are imperfect. You’re real. You can tell real diamonds from the fake because they have imperfections. And real diamonds are the ones people adore. Get away from your family if you need to, but try to see how it goes ?

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I wish I could run away that easy nut leaving my responsibilities will make all of this worse, maybe I should just accept the fact that I’m just somebody living in our house.


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