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Me and my boyfriend broke up yesterday (because he wanted to) and today he is sending me a text asking if I am okay?
What should I even reply? Should I be even replying or just ignoring him? Because he hurt me a lot.

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Praneeth @blahboyhw

If you are not feeling like talking to him and u feel like he hurt you don’t reply to him


You don’t need to respond to him if you don’t want to. You don’t owe him any explanation as to how you are. Not are you obligated to give him a response. Do what you feel is best for you.


If you have actually broken up then from my experience I would suggest to block and delete his number.
Don’t entertain his calls and texts and neither should you call and text.
I understand that you are hurt but respect yourself enough not to get hurt over and over again.
Rest of you wanna talk this community is always there.


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