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Prem @prem

Looks do matter.People who told us looks dont matter actually lied to us.
I have a btech degree,good paying job,good nature,caring for my parents and siblings but when it comes to finding a soulmate,my looks overshadow everything.
We just cant deny the fact that age of marriage coincides with the age where we get attracted with looks.
However,this is not something in our control.Nobody had the choice how he/she should look but the discrimination still happens.

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Gaurvi Narang @gaurvinaran...

I’m not gonna lie, yes looks do matter but not always and not as much as we think. But that does not mean thats all there is to being in love.

Rashmi @rashmimalhotra

Every one has different mindsets and maybe you have not met the one gor u yet

Prem @prem

The “not so good looking” people are at the end of the list when others are done dating and breaking up with good looking ones.This one holds true for everyone in young age.Can you post your review over this?

Rashmi @rashmimalhotra

Its 2019 , people do feel attractive towards good looking people. Is not it the same about you? Not everyone have the say view . Everyone is different . Majority of the people are selfish but there are still those who give personality more points over look . Yes , if you are good looking i will surely feel attractive towards you , there is nothing wrong with it but if you personality is shitty, no way in hell i will date you. Maybe there will still be some people who will date a person like that but it will be because of the persons money, looks not the person and that relationship is doomed. Everyone is not the same . Someone is there who will love you for who you are . If you just want to marry or have a relationship no matter who then just flaunts your best things maybe money whatever you have but the relationship won’t be strong. So looks are not the only thing , its you


You know Prem, I agree with you mostly but also disagree on one other thing. It is definitely true that looks add to the overall persona. If you’re talented, hard working, kind hearted, good looks just embellish you and perhaps make you more favourable. And so does money, so does popularity. However, I feel it is very relative and valid only to a certain level. In today’s day and age I feel, as a woman, there are more and more opportunities for talent and people’s vision and ideas on beauty have really expanded. People who are mature and sensible view the world wholeheartedly and not on something as trivial as looks. I have also seen that success automatically makes someone more appealing and attractive, if the person is confident. Natural beauty is obviously a god gift but in 2019, it is not impossible to groom yourself well and look polished. Don’t let people’s narrow perception of beauty hold you down. And don’t hold beauty as a yardstick when you meet other people. If you start taking your external, physical features lightly and start focusing on your talents, accomplishments as an individual, other people will start doing the same. They WILL appreciate you for your intelligence, your nature, your stability. You will find someone who values this. Don’t lose hope until then. Remembar that: The respect with which you treat yourself, the things you tolerate, the things you give importance to, will be the things that people will also have control over. So don’t let them dictate your life. Stick to your principles and continue to stay true to yourself.



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Simran Patel @simranpatel

It does happen. However, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. When you find the right one, she will see your inner beauty not external appearance. That’s how you’ll know she’s the one


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