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Lately confused,sad . To be in a world were people are dying ,struggling for a living.
One thing that I have analysed in the past 3 months nearly was that our mental health ,our thoughts, our emotions are the trigger for our life. Suddenly when I had to stay within 4 walls,for months became exhausting. Trying to do something new everyday made me drained,but the thought that many are with me in this journey ,kept me going. But nowadays I notice that the news is filled with the suicidal cases, murder cases etc โ€ฆpiling up.Why? . The mental condition would not be happy for anyone at this moment .The pandemic experiences will be different for each one of us.Today we have enough time to battle with our mind, to self appreciate or crucify ourselves.
This is my first post in Now & Me and this makes me feel peaceful. For past 2 days watching films and listening to music are pastime . But let me remind all, our biggest support are our friends and family.This is also the time we get time to take care of our self, learn new skills, read books ,or explore beyond. lets stay together.

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Amrinderpreet @youareimportant


You are very right:)
Its time to work on our own personality and if possible, there are so many online events happening around us through zoom(some are free) in order to gain knowledge and work on our individual skills.

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true :)


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