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Natalie_UK🏳️‍⚧... @cant

I’ve fallen into a deep state of depression.

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Why what happened?

Natalie_UK🏳️‍⚧... @cant

I can’t get a job because I can’t update my ID, my family don’t support me and my College course is getting me nowhere, I’ve tried to change it to no avail.

Natalie_UK🏳️‍⚧... @cant

I don’t want to live with my mother anymore.

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Yash Pandey @loner125

Bruh take care of yourself this is just one of the tough times which won’t last long it’s just temporary you gotta be so strong you are strong just believe in yourself …

Natalie_UK🏳️‍⚧... @cant

I want to run away, my mother put me in so much pain.

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