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I’ve been feeling quite overwhelmed recently. It’s just one thing after the other that has kept building over the past month. I’ve got my mind on multiple things at every second, whether it be my job, my long distance relationship (which is fine btw except for different time zones:)), moving to a new city in a new office, attending 3 unavoidable weddings in the coming month, and post all that thinking if I have time to even go to the gym and so many more things. Each day I try to pick myself up and get into the gears and try to finish one task that will finally end this long rut and get me back into my usual flow of things but I’ve been failing at it for a month now and it’s getting tougher each day.
I’ve tried to prioritise but everything seems to be of high priority. Just not been able to get out of this loop. Any suggestions?

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It will be a lot better and good for you if you talk with your BF/GF, they can help you in a lot better way I think.


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