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its been 1 week
since my bf has asked space and everthing is normal he text me as always but
i dont what to do to make my bf feel comfortable all those things happen to us
we talk normally
whatever i questioned him he reply me so honestly i am really happy about that
Do you think he is really okay now…
but dont know what to message him when he is bored to make his day wonderful and exciting rather than making him bored

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Hi. It’s not up to you to make him not feel bored - he is his own person and he can decide for himself what he wants to do.

If you want to encourage him to stay busy with you, try outdoor activities like jogging, playing sports - something that interests you both and will help you bond.


he is totally different than others like he message and reply instantly for 3 hours and then stop replying at the midnight while he is online i can see that but not responding my 1 text also and then disappear😞


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