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I’m very upset
Living a life without father is too hard for me, after the death of my father I’m very upset i missed him every single moment of my life, and Behavior of the society and the people who can’t see me happy and creating problems for me every day and realising that I can’t be happy like them I don’t have right to be happy in my own life
Sometimes I think I should die. But after watching my mother I wanna live more she is my inspiration and my strength
I love my mamma. She is the only one who understands me

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Hey look I also lost my father when I was about 11 years old it’s not easy to grow in a single parent environment it is very very hard
I would like you to do what your heart desires about what you are passion
The challenge you face today will make the character in you you should have burning desire to do something in life that who ever has treated you not good
They should be shocked by seeing you successfully
You know that sky is the limit right
Be brave and be positive


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