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I’m lonely literally + i just graduated from highschoo with zero friends i hate my life and I’m scared to die before living my life with friends and happiness … i just set in my room and watch Netflix also i hate my family they keep fighting all the time since i was born and I’m just alone i dont talk to anyone and thats hard on me whenever i go to school idk how to speak to people I’m really bad at it and thats because my parents never talked to me before they just say bring this take this do this and when i try to speak with them they get angry all the time they just be happy when i tell them about my school report or GPA thats what they care about :(

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Hey…u have done your schooling congrates.
when I was in school days I also think ilike that .you can’t change your past.
But u can make your furture bright .mistakes you have done don’t repeat in college .
U will get new chances to improve your self .
Read this book “how to talk to any one”…
It will help you to improve your comunication skills.
Other than that just make ur self busy …when u are busy u don’t have time to think about bad phase .

Be happy …😀


Try saying hello it was really hard for me to make friends just say Hi tell someone about what your going through


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