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I’m 26…and I still am so anxious with my life…I still have not experienced many things due to anxiety and it’s rising up as anger. Even with therapy, I still find it hard to fight past the anxiety…I feel like I’m always perched on the fence, but too afraid to make the leap…and then I go back into hiding…this is with anything…career…friendships…relationships…I"m trying to put my shaky past behind me… But it still makes me angry… And I feel like I haven’t gone as far as I should have by now…this notion always makes me feel like it’s too late…or that I have to go down a path I never intended in taking …I can’t stay on track with the path I shouldve been on.

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Hey Take it easy. Be happy with progress of others. To start with when you see someone else growing just utter, “wow. Its good to see people growing.” Trust me that feeling, that you are late will subside. Everybody has their own destiny and career path. Just don’t take any pressure. You may want to tell yourself, not everybody gets everything in life at the same time. You would be getting something the others dont have. Just try to be gratified with what you have. And this feeling gets harder when you are active on Social media.
So just take a break from there.


anything as per the normal norms of society is a pressure on people who are 22+. we need to break that stereotype . IT IS ALRIGHT if you are becoming a serious or aggressive person now . we are at a global, may be try to exercise more and therapy is a good thing and I hope you find all the happiness in the world


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