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Niharika S. @niharika_shar...

β€œIf you knock down a cup of coffee on your dinner table, coffee would spill out. Why? Because there was coffee in the cup. You’d spill any liquid that was inside of the cup simply because it existed in it when you bumped into the cup. The same paradigm applies to when life gives you a gentle kick - whatever is inside you will spill out. If your internal world is filled with sorrow, bitterness, or anything similar, that’s what you’re going to reflect into your reality. If there’s only peace, positivity and acceptance of less fortunate life situations, you will spread this onto your reality when you get a little shaken.”

Constantly check what’s inside your cup. When you get shaken up, what do you want to spill? Bitterness or joy? Sorrow, or gratefulness? Choose wisely.

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Harmanpreet K. @harmanpree...


True, very true.!!
Hats off.!!
Very Well Said.!!πŸ‘πŸ»


Really awesome example οΏΌ


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