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I think we should break up is a question which every relationship goes through and sometimes it becomes hard to know that whether your relationship is in rough patch or its flaming to pieces. We all think that we can manage all the relationships be it with our friends, parents, or partners. But what we fail to understand is that sometimes things may not work out the way you dreamed of or planned. And breakups not only happen with our partners but they also happen with our friends, family members, our parents, and sometimes with our closed ones. While you contemplate over the thought ‘I think we should break up’ you must know that ending things are easy but curing the root cause as a permanent solution is challenging and requires efforts from both the parties involved. Communication is the key to a healthy relationship…no matter how bad the situation is, you shouldn’t let things slip away and make some efforts for retaining things that matter. For every other situation, ‘I think we should break up’ should not be your go-to-solution for everything. In addition to human beings, you can try breaking up with a few bad habits that might be impacting your daily life, like substance abuse, smoking, or drinking among many others. The theory of ‘I think we should break up’ applies to both the individuals or things but when they become toxic, then you should definitely think about breaking up with them for the sake of your mental peace. That being said, sooooooo stoked to break up with some long standing habits and people :)…wish me luck!!

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This is apart of life …we all may be good at certain things and we are confident about it …like drawings or in academics, etc ,etc …but what we are not very confident is the relationship…once a problem comes up , we get confused and get tangled in them… firstly we blame others …then make the problem more bigger…then we avoid…then …we get annoyed and bored …then only brakeup comes…but this is not in our control…it happens all along…and we cannot avoid no matter how intelligent we are or how smart we are…in this we only need to learn to STAY .when we stay there is hope and slowly and gradually everything will come back into its place …

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