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I think I have orthorexia… help me

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Hey …first of all don’t take tension at all…chill pill🌷

i can’t give some professional advise as I don’t have knowledge regarding this all I can say u became what u think so don’t think too much.

Try to eat little home made 1 oily food between ur meal like samosa pudi chola etc. Whenever u eat any (small portion )oily item u eat just say to urself it will not gonna effect on my body.
Remember that u can’t paddle cycle by one paddle you need both paddle to balance.
Same way u have to keep in mind that u have to eat everything (not anything😋)at correct time to balance diet.
Slowly slowly u will have habbit of eating all food.

Nutrition is important but u can’t overdose anything.

Divert your mind to other thought apart from eating habbit. Watch TV play read book anything.exercise .
When you do exercise you will sweat then u feel munching then that time u can put little oily food item in box at a centre table .so that whenever u see u just grab it.
If you really feel like it’s too much then u should visit some proffesionlist first as he knows much about your past health records .
Anyways you feel like to talk .do reply every body is there.😉😉😉…

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