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I really hate my scars and my imperfections…not because I want to be perfect…trust me…I iust feel like that if I didnt have such poir self esteem in the past…it wouldnt have gotten so bad…and I tend to blame my parents and family as well as myself and others for these happenings…I feel like I can’t be happy or confident because I hate these things about me…

It even affects my personal aspirations like work and hobbies…like I ju2dt dont feel lgoos enough and Im 27 now so Im too late to do the things I’ve wanted…being female as well…If I dont have looks…nor talent…or the self esteem or will to do other work and be a success…than I’ve got nothing going on for me. Looks arent everything especially as we age… But I’ve truly lost who I am if I dont even have the will to do hobbies anymore…and my negativity is pushing everyone away…I try not to be…but even venting is an issue if noone is around to support me…people are always going back on their word with me…it makes me feel likw I shouldnt even care to have anyone around…but people see me as angry…when all ive done was try not to bother anyone…and do whats right…but I still feel lonely…and hurt by others…I wish I can go back in time…and be the person I want to be…and have confidence…

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I think there’s is nothing as correct time it’s we who choose what to do at what amount of time . U can still to hella out things even u aged 60 it on u what u wanna do and how to do time never waits for u so it’s a waste to regret about what’s already gone look for things u wanna do n don’t wait for anything just do it… Making excuses won’t take u anywhere u only gonna regret it at last so Cherish and vue what u still have on ur hand and grab it to utilise it all to it’s fullest . Life only keeps on coming back to u it’s upto u when to planned to live it to its fullest don’t worry abt anything except u , focus on urself . Try to celebrate urself and love urself and trust me other things gonna just follow but for that u have to accept u and the change.


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