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I lost all the hope when counselling helplines couldn’t understand my pain.
Aasra,iCall,yourdost and one such helpline got just people who insensitively answer.
I had very bad experience with iCall and the counselor lady just insulted me with her sugar coated words.
One such helpline (something called as Vandervella) simply replied me saying “you can contact local counselor”.
These helplines just hire psychology passouts and use them as interns.
Imagine you are treated by a just passed out MBBS practitioner for your deadly disease.
Thats how it felt.
I am getting a feeling of being a criminal for sharing my thoughts and getting them rejected.

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So sorry to hear you had to go through that experience. Especially since these are some of the most reputed helplines to exist in India. I think it is a system failure if you ask me. There aren’t enough funds provided to successfully run free helplines that can cater to so many people…maybe we should come up with a solution or proposal. I hope nobody ever has to feel like a criminal just for sharing their thoughts. It really is quite a bad scenario for mental health in India. Hope you’re feeling well now, and also hoping that you were able to seek good professional help apart from these resources. Take care :/


No I did not get any other help.I am now therapy resistant I believe. Left with no more courage to share.


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