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I lost all the hope when counselling helplines couldn’t understand my pain.
Aasra,iCall,yourdost and one such helpline got just people who insensitively answer.
I had very bad experience with iCall and the counselor lady just insulted me with her sugar coated words.
One such helpline (something called as Vandervella) simply replied me saying β€œyou can contact local counselor”.
These helplines just hire psychology passouts and use them as interns.
Imagine you are treated by a just passed out MBBS practitioner for your deadly disease.
Thats how it felt.
I am getting a feeling of being a criminal for sharing my thoughts and getting them rejected.

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So sorry to hear you had to go through that experience. Especially since these are some of the most reputed helplines to exist in India. I think it is a system failure if you ask me. There aren’t enough funds provided to successfully run free helplines that can cater to so many people…maybe we should come up with a solution or proposal. I hope nobody ever has to feel like a criminal just for sharing their thoughts. It really is quite a bad scenario for mental health in India.Β Hope you’re feeling well now, and also hoping that you were able to seek good professional help apart from these resources. Take care :/


No I did not get any other help.I am now therapy resistant I believe. Left with no more courage to share.

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