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Simple @simple_25

I know overthinking is not good for anyone …but sometimes it feels like I can’t control my mind…it is working on its own, thinking on its own. The fear, anxiety that it gives me … sometimes I can’t handle it.
I want to smile, I want to laugh, I want to make myself happy and proud. And I will one day !

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What makes us most anxious is the fear that what will happen next. How will the survival happen. Sometimes life has a certain flow for us, and no matter what we do it happens. Good will also happen difficult times will also come. Let’s not resist to it, when we think that we have to change the situation and win then anxiety creeps in.let things happen, in order to change also do things what you can control and set boundaries about what you can’t do think on those lines. If we keep thinking our mind will wander and we will feel miserable. Do things that would give you satisfaction. Long time and short time…

Simple @simple_25

You are absolutely right …but the problem is I don’t know what to do…I don’t even know what makes me happy. When I get acknowledgment from anyone else for my hardwork…I feel great …I used to do sketches, singing, reading books… but now nothing makes me feel happy.

Simple @simple_25

But still what makes me resist everything is my will power… and whatever you said …I’ll keep that in my mind.
Kuch b ho jae mai apne aim ko paa k rahungi


The thing is no body among us knows a perfect solution. What I have understood is it is a simple steps of present. What we do and feel and think is ultimately what matters & till the time we will keep looking outside for happiness, more often we will be disappointed. There are tough days and good days. If we are giving ourselves that space and care and rest. And keep chasing that happiness outside we will always feel hollow. Wo quote hai na, " ye kya kar raha hai bashar, kaha bhaag Raha hai, itna toh jeena bhi nahi hai jitna tu Roz marr Raha hai bashar" The support we seek, we only should be the first to give ourselves, And things won’t change until we want to do it for ourselves from within. To give our inner child the warmth by ourselves rather than waiting for it to happen. Warna what happens ki ek din aayega ki jab mai khush hounga. Aur uske wait me hum jeena chhor dete hai. Subh ho Rahi hai phir raat ho ja rahi hai and the loop goes on. The day we accept that this life is my responsibility if someone is there to share good of don’t then also I will care for myself and give that love, treat yourself with kindness. Do things tht will satisfy the inner child within. Things will naturally go to virtuous cycle. Lots of warmth!! Feel free to connect if want to talk…

Simple @simple_25



I understand the numbness we feel , have felt that… But that actually we do bad to ourselves because of something outside our control happened. And we were not at fault. We consciously need to stop that otherwise it won’t. Mind at times seeks comfort in pain also. Ki dard me reh k achaa lag rha hai because it is familiar. Explore unfamiliar territory like simple cup of tea or coffee. Simple writing sketching not forcing yourself ki you have to draw happiness out of it. When we are kids why do we sketch because we want to do in that moment, not that ki humko happiness draw karna hai … Like that approach things on daily basis. Do things that gives satisfaction, jaisa Mann Kia uss time. Irrespective of us se. Kya milega


Hi kya aap mujhe please message karenge mujhe aapse genuine help chaiye


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