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I kinda wanna stay in contact with my Ex, but I’m in a Relationship. My Ex can’t be friends with me as long as I’m in one, because it hurts his feelings to know that. I almost told him that I’m single again just to still have him in my life. But I love my boyfriend and I don’t wanna break up. It’s selfish of me I know. My Ex and I broke up really bad and haven’t seen each other in a year until 1 Month ago and we got along really good (as friends of course). I told him that I’m taken and we still met as friends. But then he told me He can’t do it because he knows. What should I do??

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I think you broke up with your previous boyfriend who is now your ex because the relationship didn’t work. You both may not have been happy in the relationship.
It’s normal to feel that way about your ex, it’s normal to feel the want to have something or someone after it’s gone.

If you want to continue your friendship with your ex and you are confident you have moved on and don’t have any other feelings for him, talk to your current boyfriend. Make him understand the situation if he is not awkward then you can have your ex as a good friend but if this friendship is going to create disturbances in your current relationship, you should avoid your ex.


I’m so thankful for your answer. This problem is dragging me down a long time now and I had to let it out. I’m happy about every advice❤️


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