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i just got done crying, i tried to call my father but he did not answer so i called my step mom and she told me my dad doesnt want to talk to me and that he wants nothing with me. they both want nothing with me. i no longer can see my siblings. i hate my life so much.

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Lekshmy S @lekshmy02

If Someone is avoiding you , you don’t go back and repeat the process. Let them go. They don’t deserve you that’s all. Do your thing. Take care of yourself. Go ahead and achieve your goals. When you fulfill your purpose you will be rewarded with the right persons who love you and need you. Be patient!!

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U born here for a purpose…if someone avoiding rather i.e ur parents …starts indulging urself in helping others…start meditation before 6 am and ask ur inner soul the purpose of ur life…u definitely get the solution…God loves u always…Just thanks His blessings by doing good karmas or put a smile on face of needy one


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