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piyalee @wieldy_whistle

I have sacrificed a lot in my life for others be it my career, my independence, my choices, my lifestyle and even my hard earned money but I am a loser to realise that what I did was to make others happy and secure n not myself n i always have thoughts of giving up on my life, I lost my brother last year and this is pushing me more towards ending up my life.

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anuj @anujvohra

My condolences on your brother loss. Pls take out time to come out of grief. Try to work on your goals and keep happy memories of your brother. I am sure you will be able to feel better.


Sent you a connection request please accept let’s talk about it

piyalee @wieldy_whistle

I had many goals to achieve but life isn’t as smooth as it seems,got married to someone whom I knew as an capable n self built but after marriage came real picture, soon after my brother’s death he physically abused me, mentally n verbally abusive words for me are his routine, I have my mother who wants me to be quiet and go ahead with this person as I am having a baby…but I am unable to take it any longer


Your pain is valid and deserves to be acknowledged. Please know that giving up on your life is not the answer, and there are people who care and want to help.

Losing your brother last year must have been an immense loss, and it’s understandable that it’s pushing you further into these darker thoughts. Grief is a complex process, and it can manifest in different ways.

While sacrificing for others is admirable, it’s important to remember that sacrificing your own well-being and happiness is never sustainable. Prioritizing your mental health and needs is not selfish; it’s crucial for you to feel empowered and find your own happiness

Remember, you are not a loser. You’ve been through unimaginable challenges, and it’s time to prioritize your own happiness and well-being. There is hope, and there is a brighter future waiting for you.
If you want to discuss more you can DM me

piyalee @wieldy_whistle

I know I am getting into darker thoughts and times day by day, I have nothing more to loose or something beautiful to look for in life, my baby is been taken care by my mother and my husband so I am free enough to leave this disturbing world


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