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Aanandika @mellowdrama

I have been feeling not too good today. Maybe that is why this and I met.

I have been struggling today with the idea of home. What is home? An idea of a place with certain comforts? Make that worldly comforts. Or a place where you are allowed to take off all the masks and be the irritable grouch that you are?

Is it an idea? An idea that might be equated with freedom of being and accepted as is.

Is home a structure only? The place that you make and build to suit you, to soothe you after the battles or wars or wins. Bring you back to the ground. Retain you. Maybe chain you?

What is home? An escape? Or is it the world you escone yourself in to?

Do you run away from home or do you stay home or return home?

Do people make the home for you or you make a home for yourself by choosing people who shall have an entry to your space?

Is home a space? Is any space home or do you have to have an area cut out for it to be your home?

Is home a person? The lover? The parent? The friend? The sibling? The spouse? The child? The one you return to take care of? Or the one to whom you turn to, hoping to be discovered?

If you find a home, do linger and tell me how it felt.

To stop a while or for a longer stint or to settle.
To be home.


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Emerald @pearldhand

Really deep and a thing worth giving a thought about . Great insights dear.

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Swotter @kskarthik

That’s a great text by the way. Home is all of what you said and may be not too. Like for me my new home is a dream world I have been knitting. I was in that while at my house, while traveling and even while waiting for a doctor at a hospital. May be you call home something that allows you to peace out at regular occasions. May be I am wrong but I am open to corrections. And btw the ideas in the text, Language were all superb. Take a bow 🙇. Love❤️

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Dreamer @aheadofthecurve

Home is where your mind drops it’s guard and let’s itself loose like a stream of water.

Beautifully written - looking forward to more such thoughts!


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