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I have been feeling lost for the past 2 weeks .I am really depressed and every little things making me emotionally unstable like I start to cry over the silly fights and get frustrated easily.I don’t have any confidence in myself and I’m also afraid of future .I don’t know what is my purpose of life .All I do is distract myself by reading webtoons or watching Anime .I am afraid that if people know my real thoughts that I am a selfish person I don’t know how would they react. I think I am not a good person and its eating me alive . I don’t know where to start how to focus .I wanna focus on my future and wants be a good person. I feel like I am not capable of anything the thought of doing something for my future makes me scared it’s like I am not capable I don’t have talent for anything .

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Heyyy beautiful human🌼
I understand what u feel. This is most probably what we can call post covid lockdown effects. This covid has made us all trapped inside our house for so long that we have lost all our sights to see our abilities and focus on our bright future.
What i suggest u may do is- try finding some things or activites that make u feel happy. It can be as silly as dancing in the rain or playing with mud. And just do it. Just let whoever think whatever they want to. People and their opinion doesnt matter budddy. Just say fuckkk off in your head and continue doing whatever u want to.

P.s- you are not selfish. You just want to have better things 🌼❤
Goood luckkkk budddy🌼🏆


Thank You so much ❤️


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