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I have a wired story and I need opinions,

I loved a girl (she is my friend),
cause I thought she loves me, she got jealous, she wanted to be the number one in my life, no other girls in my life, just her.

Somehow, she told she says she loves and stuff, only like a friend, and it’s a joke she didn’t love me as a bf,

Suddenly, I found out it she loves someone, mean while she was seeing someone else secretly, she slept with the last guy, while I was broken by her.

now she came back wanting me,

what should I do ?

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Hani♡ @hani

Hold on- you loved her because you thought she loved you? Now there’s the problem… it was based on something false so… plus when she cheated or let you be in the shade… there’s no point in going back. But it’s your decision-
Points you should keep in mind:
1. Do you love her?
2. What is love to you?
3. Does she love you?
4. Is she really worth it?
5. Do you see her adequate for your future?
6. Is she the best? (No)
7. Can you get anyone better? (Trust me you deserves better but ig u knw better)

Sanket @sanket

Dont take her back


Bro if you take her this time your supporting a wrong thing and this gonna make you feel bad in your own eyes
Leave the negative energy away from you never know the person you spend time with change you know that
“She belongs to the streets”


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