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I had been friends with these people for almost 3 years. They were my hostel mates. They had this habit of sitting together and gossiping about any one member of the group and automatically that one person would become the reason of all their current problems. I have been that member for like 2-3 times. Then later after outcasting me from the group they would come and ask me sorry and me being I don’t know what always used to forgive them and always tried the friendship to work. This time they even ruined my birthday and they even called me toxic. They told me that they are telling me this because they don’t know what will happen to me if they are not there in my new college. They are good people so they are my friends but any other person would never be my friend ever. It’s not like I am not wrong anywhere. There were a few things I did wrong but they were way back in past but they still remember those things and it always adds up in their grievance list. They told me to go and watch YouTube videos of parental grooming because I am an amazing person but I have inculcated toxic traits from my parents unknowingly. I seriously watched a lot if videos wether I was really toxic it not. I even took some quizzes. And lastly I broke up with them because I got to know I have changed myself a lot just to fit in. Although I still broke up, it’s been 3 days and I think about them every single moment and can’t focus on my studies. I don’t know what to do. I don’t even know why I wrote this.

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Firstly its completely okay to feel all this.
Just calm down and realax.
I am glad that you shared this.
Bcoz now we can find a solution for it.


Thank you. I have been crying like anything and I just saw that they are enjoying and have gone on a trip together. It feels that I didn’t even matter to them.


See stop thinking about them.
And start thinking about your ownself.
Trust me you are the only person who is going to stay with your forever.
So start building your life.
Dont be dependent on anyone for your happiness.
And if they are doing all this that means they are not your true friends.
Maybe you dont matter to them.
But your feelings do matter right?
So if your feelings matter to you do something for your ownself.
Find youself
Discover yourself.
Focus on yourself
Dont waste your power on other people.
And trust me no is permanent in our lives. But only you and yourself is permanent in your life.
So instead focus on yourself❤️✨


Thank you. I needed this. It’s just that I know all this but it’s hard to implement. But I am trying to become my own best friend from now on


We all know what is good for us but the difference is what we actually do about it buddy❤️
All the best for your journey


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